3.1.19: Service release

I’ve promised a bunch of you a couple of bug fixes today and here it is.

Here is the changes:

  • Zynga did a couple of minor changes that made FVE hang. This is now fixed like I’ve done it before.
  • Google changed their security policies and FVE is now updated to comply with those. It wasn’t urgent to fix this since they haven’t deprecated the old policies yet. But it’s better to be secure than not to be, right ? 🙂

Newsletter from new e-mail address

I’ve changed the e-mail address the newsletter is sent from. Therefore many of you might not get it due to your various spam filters that obviously doesn’t know this e-mail address: info@a-creative.dk. The change was necessary because Google for some reason closed the account related to the usual e-mail address. I’m pretty sure the e-mail address wasn’t the problem but Google don’t reply to any of my e-mails. So this is the way it’s going to be.

So basically the safest way to get this info at the moment is to follow FVE on twitter or simply read the blog when you’re in trouble. Of course you can always contact me if something isn’t working for you.

How to download

To download the latest release I urge you to go to the download page and follow the download instructions which was updated in August 2012 due to Google Chrome changes.

If you come back later and want to go back to this release instead of the latest you can download this specific release here and basically use the download instructions on the download page when doing it this way also.

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