3.1.21: A few updates

About this release

Since the last post I’ve actually released 3.1.20 in silence because it was a very tiny fix that only affected those of you with older Chrome versions or alternative Chrome versions.

This time it’s also a minor release. The only thing fixed is the settings page which wasn’t working at all due to changes in the latest version of Google Chrome.

Some testing

Many of you have reported that FVE was hanging in certain cases. This sunday I’ve tried to test some of these cases and here are the results:

  • It hangs when a user have sent you a request and next blocked the FarmVille from his account: Today I had no problem accepting a request from a user that has blocked his FarmVille.
  • It hangs on request for enchanted flowers: This was working fine today.
  • Request for help with lonely animal: Wasn’t able to test this today.
  • It hangs at a random request and shows a white page: Got through several 100 requests today but couldn’t reproduce it.

Conclusion: Basically it works. But I think the problems have actually been there and are there. Here are the challenges:

  • Permanently slow internet connections might have a problem with FVE.
  • Temporary stability problems with your internet connection, Facebook or FarmVille might cause problems with FVE. So waiting a couple of days may result in the problems fixing itself.
  • Temporary bugs related to certain FV requests might cause problems with FVE. So waiting a couple of days may result in the problems fixing itself.

How to download – now with video guidance

To download the latest release I urge you to go to the download page and follow the download instructions which was updated in August 2012 due to Google Chrome changes.

I’ve also made a Youtube video to help you install it. Many of you will probably succeed better by following the video:

If you come back later and want to go back to this release instead of the latest you can download this specific release here and basically use the download instructions on the download page when doing it this way also.

Chrome Webshop

There is a version of FVE in the Chrome Webshop and many of you have initially installed it from there.

There is however a problem with that version. It was uploaded through a Google account that is now disabled by Google. I’ve tried to get in contact with Google to get an explanation. But they are nowhere to reach. So currently I’m not in control of that version. So I can’t update it with the latest updates. And I can’t remove it. Google could at least have done that.

So please install FVE from this website in the future through the download page:

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