Unstability and download problems


FVE currently seem a bit unstable. I have just today been troubled by this myself. It seems like Facebook has done some changes.

I will try to solve this in the weekend.

Download problems

Google has changed the way extensions like FVE is installed and updated inside Chrome. Therefore I have now added some new download instructions to the download page so you will know how to do this in the future. This makes the installation procedure harder but that’s how it’s going to be until I or Google finds a better solution.

FVE will not be in the Google Store before the account problems below has been solved.

Google disabled my account

With no warning and reason at all Google closed the Google account related to the e-mail address info.a.creative@gmail.com. The only reason I can figure out myself is that it must have been hacked. I’ve desperately tried to get Google to re-enable it but they haven’t “returned my call” yet.

Therefore the newsletter is now sent using another e-mail account info@a-creative.dk and this is also the e-mail account you should contact me through. But feel free to contact me in any way you like.

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