3.1.7: Fixes due to FB updates

First of all: Merry Christmas(or whatever you celebrate) to all of you. Let this version be my gift to you in this special time of the year.

In about a month I’ve known about several FB changes that challenges FVE. Some of these changes hit some of you early but in the last week the majority of users has also been hit by these FB changes.

I haven’t really had time to make a fix before now. So here it is:


  • It should now detect your game requests again.

Known issues

  • It still can freeze sometimes. The cow-sound is now fired at that time also. I’m working on fixing this.

I hope this version is flexible enough to serve also those of you who hasn’t been hit by these FB changes yet. Otherwise please contact me with a description of the problems you encounter.

I know some of you only accept your requests if FVE is working. For you it might be a good idea to use “ignore all” on your current requests  to have a clean start on using FVE Classic again.

Requests are rejected

Please make sure to read this guide if you wonder why many requests are rejected by FVE Classic.


Here you can download this release(3.1.7):

FVE Extended(4.x) also hit

Some of you still use the Extended version of FVE even though I’ve announced a while ago that I haven’t got time to support that version anymore. Currently only the Classic(3.x) version is developed/maintained.

This is still the case and therefore I can only advise those of you who has used FVE Extended(4.x) until now to try FGS or FVE Classic instead. Currently I am not planning to fix FVE Extended.

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