6 days to Christmas

Current problems with FVE

I know there is a bunch of current problems with FVE Classic(FVE Extended is still out in the dark).

But I’m pretty sure I can get it to work once I get one whole day to work on it, but there is just so much else to take care of at the moment. So please have patience 🙂

Health status

I started as an intern at my future employer Dec 1st and it quickly was clear to me that my eyes wasn’t up for it. Currently I’ve stopped taking some medicine because I(and my doctor) suspect it makes my vision problems much worse. So actually I’m doing fine at the moment even though I need to focus on not stressing my eyes.

Still without job

10 days in my intern period I got the message that I wasn’t hired anyway even though I had a signed job contract starting Jan 1st. So I’m still without a job. I was “fired” because they are having problems with the economy(surprise 🙂 ). So from Jan 1st I probably have a lot more time for working on FVE(again).

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