Version 4.0.14: SPD workaround and bug fixes.

The issues mentioned below has been addressed/undone in version 4.0.16

Hi everybody!

Some of you may have noticed that FVE recently has seemed like it has been “taking brakes” / “gone on vacation” and that Special Delivery Boxes(SPD’s) didn’t get safely to the gift box.

I’ve now added a workaround for the missing SPD’s and also optimized FVE so it should run better. At least that’s what I hope.

About the SPD’s: Basically the problem is the new “Send gift” interface for mass sending of SPD’s. It does send a SPD which you can see in FVE and on the FB game requests page, but if you accept it any of these places you will get an error and the gift will not be removed from the list on FB. Here is the trick: You need to grab it using the in-game Zynga Message Center. I haven’t been able to clone what ZMC does yet. So instead you will have to use a workaround.

The changes in this new version supports the workaround which I will explain about further down the page.

The changes in version 4.0.14 are:

  • SPD’s sent by the new “Send gifts” interface are temporarily completely ignored by FVE so you can use ZMC to pick up these instead. This is a temporary adjustment of FVE until hopefully these SPD’s can be accepted safely from FB.
  • SPD’s sent by the regular “Free gifts” interface are still picked up and returned as usual.
  • The list of gifts is now 100% synchronized with the game requests list on FB. The absense of this feature has been a bit confusing for you and me sometimes. So now it’s on again.
  • The news feed in the top of FVE is now loaded from the FVE Twitter account instead of My own server/website was heavily affected by the many users. This should remove the some times appearing error message in the top of FVE and should make more accessible.
  • I’ve fixed a bug which appeared due to changes in FB since the release of FVE 4.0.13. This fix should make FVE run smoother.
  • Changing the speed setting in FVE actually has been a problem. This should now be fixed and raising the speed to for instance x4 should give you a quicker run.
  • Pioneers Trail(FrontierVille) is not supported fully anymore but it’s still possible when I get the time.

The workaround for getting your SPD’s in the future:

  1. First make sure you have well below 500 items in your gift box. If you need to collect for instance 10 SPD’s it’s safest to have only 490 gifts in your gift box before you accept the new SPD’s.
  2. Use FVE to accept gifts as you normally would. This will accept and return gifts for only some of the SPD’s and of course the rest of the gifts like usual.
  3. The actual workaround: Use ZMC to accept the SPD’s left.
  4. This should leave you with the maximum gifts in your gift box and the game request page on FB should be empty and the same goes for the view in FVE. I have noticed cases where FVE nor ZMC could accept the SPD’s. In that case you need to choose “ignore all” when your’re done to get a clean list on FB.


You can update to the new version 4.0.14 here

Version 3.x: Development and bug fixing postponed

FVE 3.x currently doesn’t work. Development and bug fixing of this version is postponed until I have way more time and my job search is over which it is not yet. Until then you should use FVE 4.x.

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