“Secure browsing” / HTTPS enabled suddenly causes problems.

Some of you have reported that you get a lot of red x’s when using FVE and it doesn’t really seem like working anymore.

I’ve now solved(or rather worked around) this problem with a couple of users.

FVE does currently not work with “Secure browsing” / HTTPS enabled. So if you have the before mentioned problem you should disable it. It can be done here:
Make sure to hit “Save changes” below the check box if you un-check the setting.

Maybe the problem has started simply because FVE doesn’t support “Secure browsing” and FB suddenly decided to enabled it for you automatically. Today I saw a change notice from Zynga about their E&A game where they fixed it so it worked with “Secure browsing” enabled. This indicates FB suddenly activated it.

Personally I’ve never enabled  it myself because like with FVE it creates some problems other places too and my privacy on FB is(for me) not a big deal because I pretty much don’t talk about rocket science here 🙂 Unless you think FVE is rocket science.

But I respect if you want to protect yourself and will in time try to fix this, but really haven’t got time for more than this workaround at the present time.

Have a nice weekend.


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