3.1.27: FVE is back on and has moved

During the last week Google again tried to force app developers to put their Chrome apps inside their Chrome Webshop instead of hosting them on their own website.

FV Extender had to face that challenge too. This affected you since FVE was gradually disabled so you were unable to enable it again. I could have searched for some kind of workaround but instead I decided to simply move it to the Chrome Webshop. It is possible that some of you don’t have the problem yet. But I decided to go with this solution anyway.

It has been there in the webshop before. But I decided to abandon the webshop after Google with no warning or explanation decided to disable my account for about 3 months and thereby leaving FV Extender in no mans land. Plus at that time the review system was also very annoying.

Being back in the Chrome Webshop means:

  • A new version(3.1.27) of FV Extender:
    – No real changes.
    – I have trimmed it a bit so it looks better in the shop and follows all the latest rules laid out by Google.
  • Updates happens automatically or at least it happens instantly or one or two days after I have uploaded the update and posted about it. Not everybody gets it at the same time.
  • You can now give it a review with some stars and please do. Just tell why and maybe how you use it. Use the “Review” tab on the app page.
  • Finally you can report problems or come up with ideas using the “Send feedback” link on the “Information” tab tab on the app page.

So basically I would say many things are easier.

How to download

Before installing this version it would be a good idea to first uninstall/remove the old one. But actually they should be able to co-exists. But it doesn’t really make sense since the old one can’t be enabled anymore.

From now on you can either find FV Extender by searching for it in the Chrome Webshop or you can find the link to it on the usual download page.

So go get it now.

Remember to give it a good review

I feel that FV Extender’s chances for surviving will be better the more good reviews it gets. I think it would be foolish by Google to remove it for any reason and even more foolish with your written support.

So give it some stars and tell why and maybe how long and how you have used it.

Review it here on the “Review” tab on the app page in the shop


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