3.1.23: Work-around for FB stability issues

About this release

It seems like FB sometimes sends you to a blank page instead of sending you to the expected “request accepted” page in FarmVille.

To work around this I’ve made a change in FVE so it retries everytime this happens. This will make it run more stable and hopefully just as reliable as before. Basically the change just makes FVE do what many of you have done yourself everytime the problem occured(until it became too much for you 🙂 )

How to download

To download the latest release I urge you to go to the download page and follow the download instructions which was updated in March 2013 due to Google Chrome changes.

I’ve also made a Youtube video to help you install it. Many of you will probably succeed better by following the video. Please notice: The video has NOT been updated to show they have changed the wrench icon to three thick horizontal lines:

If you come back later and want to go back to this release instead of the latest you can download this specific release here and basically use the download instructions on the download page when doing it this way also.

Installation/updating issues

Some of you have reported trouble with installing/updating FVE. You experience the downloaded .crx file disappears from the bottom of Chrome before you can drag it to the extension list to install it. I’ve now included a link on the download page to a FAQ intended to help with installation/updating issues. Get to the page directly here.

Job issues(mine)

I’m now unemployed again. The financial crisis is still a big problem in Denmark. My now former job was the best job I’ve ever had but one(and actually two) people had to go because of a too low product turnover. And I was the latest one employed. The good thing is that I know have some new skills to add to my resume. So I’m actually positive at the moment when it comes to finding a new job. Plus I already have one job offer.

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