Weekly test 4/2012

Used version: 3.1.10

Basic test result(only gifts)

  • Total requests: 19(of a test with a 50 requests in total)
  • Succeeded: 12
  • Failed: 7
  • Success rate: 63%

Requests(only gifts)

Item Exp. Act. Pct. Comment
Pair of Wings
1 0 0% Not found in ZMC either
Special Delivery
13 10 77%
1 0 0% Found in ZMC instead
2 2 100%
Love Arrow 2 0 0% Found in ZMC instead
Ticket 0 0 0% Not found in ZMC either
Pickaxe 0 0 0% Found in ZMC instead
Honeybee 0 0 0% Not found in ZMC either
Total 19 12 63%

Other tests

  • Received return gift sent using FVE: 2/2 (accepted through FarmVille)
  • Received lottery ticket from request accepted by FVE:  3/3
  • Received “Cupid bow” for “Cupid’s Garden” from friend who accepted request through FVE: 3/3


  • Special delivery boxes seem to get through in an accepted amount, at least if you remember to accept your requests before reaching 50.
  • All other gift requests seem to end in ZMC or disappear completely. Very annoying. I’m not sure this will change in the future.
  • I didn’t have time to check how the help requests got accepted. I think they went like always with almost 100% success.

More about upcoming features

As said earlier it will at some point be possible to activate FVE 3.x for all your games.

Next I will add a feature that will make it possible for you to let FVE run automatically every time your list of requests reach 50. This way you will not loose any of your requests like you probably do now whether you use FVE or ZMC to accept your requests. When available you will need to unlock this feature by sending me a gift of charity. This way someone in need will benefit from your laziness directly and not me.

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