3.1.8: A couple of critical bug fixes

So it’s time to play again. Personally I don’t play if FVE isn’t working. With this release I’ve fixed a couple of critical errors and adjusted the stability a bit.

Here is the complete list of changes in this version 3.1.8:

  • FIX: FVE was unable to recognize any of the FV result pages and tried to reload the page which just resulted in the farm loaded. This is fixed now.
  • FIX: When FVE is done processing it now waits 20 seconds before it shows the “done”-dialog. This should ensure that it doesn’t finish too early.
  • FIX: FB didn’t always react to FVE when it tried to reject a request the first time. FVE now retries until it succeeds. This counter measure is affected by the speed of your computer and internet connection. Read this if you still wonder why requests are rejected.

Uninstall first

Due to radical changes when it comes to accessing your browser you must uninstall your old version before installing this one. When installing you will then be asked to accept the new access modifications.


Here you can download this release(3.1.8):

FVE Extended 4.x and FGS are both gone for good

FGS(the best alternative I could recommend instead of FVE Extended(4.x)) was this week closed down due to threats from Facebook.

FVE Extended(4.x) share so much nature with FGS that I’ve decided to let it be gone for good.

FVE Classic(3.x) continues to be public as I can’t imagine how Facebook can have the power to hurt me financially. They can take my FB account if they want. I will just find other ways to contact my friends.

Weekly test

I pretty sure this version works for me. Tomorrow I’ll do a monitored test run and post the results(a day too late).


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