A theory: How to accept as many VALID requests as possible

Some of you may know what I’m talking about when I say”invalid Special Delivery Box’s” on Facebook. I now have a theory about these invalid SDB’s that should help you in getting the most out of the requests your neighbors send to you. I’ll explain this theory by answering some questions.

How is this type of invalid request defined?

It’s a request you accept through Facebook which sends you to your farm and the word “invalid” is in the browser’s address field. Also the accepted requests are not processed by FV and items therefore doesn’t end up in the gift box and help requests are not accepted with success. And finally the invalid request isn’t removed from “Game requests” on FB when accepted.

Why is it invalid?

With the pretty new in-game tools in FV for sending multiple requests you can send hundreds of requests within minutes. Zynga made this tool so you can send requests  to all your neighbors instead just the amount FB allows. All these requests you can therefore receive from the in-game message center “without any problem”. But when a neighbor sends more requests in one go than FB allows, then all gifts above the limit will be created as invalid requests on FB. That’s how the requests you receive through FB becomes invalid.

Then I should just use the in-game message center(ZMC) to get my gifts, right?

Yes and no. The in-game message center(ZMC) can only contain 50 requests, which means all requests above 50 are lost. So to actually get all the valid gifts from your gift box you need to get them before the amount exceeds 50. If you get 150 gifts pr. day you would then have to check ZMC every (12 /(150/ 50)  ) = 4 hours(approx.) on a day with 12 hours, to not lose gifts. If we say you get most your gifts during the evening(17-24) then it gets even tougher and you need to check ZMC every ( ( 24-17 ) / ( 150 / 50 ) )  = 2.33 hours. It’s up to you if you want to be that active to not risk losing the requests addressed to you.

How can I succeed using FB/FVE/FGS instead?

If you choose to use FB or a gift collector like FVE and FGS to get your gifts with you can optimize things this way:

  • Advice your neighbors to only send 100 requests pr. time they send requests. This equals (100/24) =4 click on “Send” when using the in-game tools for sending requests. Of course you should do this yourself too.
  • Alternatively for sending gift requests they can use FNS because it selects neighbors within FB’s limits automatically.

You can then get ALL valid gifts using FB/FVE/FGS if you get all your neighbors to stay within FB’s limits. This way you can accept your gifts when you want and is not bound to do it every 2 or 4 hours like when described before related to ZMC. Just make sure you accept your gifts before the amount exceeds approx. 1000 on FB to avoid suffering from an empty/blocked game requests page.


  • Using the in-game ZMC to accept you requests is reliable but can be stressing if you get many gifts.
  • Using FVE/FGS or any other gift collector is easy and painless but it’s up to your neighbors how many invalid requests you get.
  • The best way is probably to combine the two by first using ZMC and then a gift collector like FVE or FGS

Only a theory

This is only a theory and I would like to hear your input on this. Maybe I’m wrong.

I’ll inform you through the FVE newsletter or Twitter when there are significant changes to this theory.





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