Even more good and bad news(for some of you)

The bad news

All indicates that Facebook now blocks Chrome and FVE 4.x from getting information about a game request. Frankly I wonder why they haven’t done this before. It would be an obvious way for them to regulate the use of FB through Chrome extensions.

This is very serious and probably would go as very bad news. Because it means that FVE 4.x Chrome development is postponed from now on, and I don’t know when it will be possible to use again.

The good news(for some of you)

Some of you may know how FVE worked prior to version 4.x. I will now work on getting version 3.x back in shape, because it’s so simple that it think it can workaround the issues version 4.x has now run into. I don’t know how long it will take to get the old version back in shape, but I hope in this weekend. So please have patience while I’m digging up the past. If you haven’t tried FVE 3.x you can here see a video of how it worked.

Many of you have asked for FVE 3.x back because you liked it more than FVE 4.x. So now it’s hopefully on the way.


Firefox actually is able to do what Chrome can’t do for FVE 4.x right now. Which means I may start porting FVE 4.x to Firefox if it isn’t too much work and depending on how it goes with the resurrection of FVE 3.x for Chrome.

Facebook Neighbors Selector

Probably I will work on extending FNS before starting to work on FVE 4.x for Firefox, because FNS is really a great idea.

Here is a list of upcoming FNS features:

  • The ability to quickly select any number of neighbors
  • Customized neighbor selections(favorite lists)
  • Firefox support(maybe first later)

Read more about the current release of FNS

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