Weekly test 43

Used version: 4.0.23(was released Wednesday)

Basic test result

  • Total requests: 107
  • Failed: 74
  • Success rate: 31%


  • 0/1(0%) Bridle:2+1
  • 1/1(100%)Carmel Apple:0+1
  • 1/1(100%)Dog Treat:0+1
  • 3/4(75%)Helping Hands package:(a17+fe23+fa23) +4x
  • 1/1(100%)Log:1+1
  • 14/85(17%) Special Delivery: 76+85 = 161
  • 1/1(100%) Spooky Bat:1+1
  • 12/13(92%) Trick:11+12
  • Total: 33/107 (31%)

Other tests

  • Received return gift sent using FVE: PASSED
  • Received return gift sent without using FVE: PASSED
  • Received lottery ticket from request accepted by FVE:  PASSED
  • Received halloween trick from request accepted by FVE: PASSED


  • SDB’s and a few other gifts keeps becoming invalid due to FV sending gifts without respecting FB and it’s own limits. Later this week I’ll try to write a little status report specifically for SDB’s.
  • Everything else is working above normal 🙂

Other news

  • Version 4.0.23 was released Wednesday.  So remember to update.
  • The problem with empty game requests pages seems to be solved. FB fixed it.


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