4.0.22: False negatives removed and a little more.

False negatives removed – and more gifts are now returned as expected.

  • When you actually had no requests FVE showed an error popup. Now it just shows an info message.
  • Some Special Delivery Boxes in FV were marked as as failed even if they were good. At the same time gifts weren’t returned for those.

Log file reporting tool changed a bit

I’ve added a “My error description:” field where you write your own description of the problem you experience. I really need this information to actually be able to help you.

Thanks for the log file reports so far. I will not be answering them all. If you still have problems you should, after installing this release, submit a new log file report.

Read here how to use the log file reporting tool.

Error messages refined

I’ve added a couple of solutions to some of the errors you can get. Especially when you have a malformed empty requests page.

Coming soon

I’m working on a little warning sign that show above your request list if you have more than 500 gifts on Facebook. This way I hope fewer of you end up with a blank game requests page, which BTW for some of you only can be fixed by Facebook. The earlier you contact me about the problem the better is the change I can fix it for you.


Here you can download this release(4.0.22):

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