4.0.20: Some bug fixes and support for “Secure browsing” on FB

If 4.0.19 annoyed you with the message: “Loading requests. Please wait….”

In this release I have added some extra debugging and a form to submit an FVE error log to me. Please use this form when you experience the text “Loading requests. Please wait….” won’t go away. Here is how to find the form:

  1. Right-click the orange FVE icon and a right click menu shows.
  2. Select “options” and an options window shows.
  3. The form you need to submit is in the section “Submit FVE log data” in this window.
  4. Simply fill in “Your e-mail address” and click “Submit” in the bottom.
  5. Next a confirmation screen from Google Docs will show and your report should be sent.

Please help me get enough data to solve the issues from 4.0.19 which may still be a part of 4.0.20. I’ve tried to make it very easy for you.

When you have submitted the data you can workaround the problem by:

  1. Go to the address: “chrome://extensions/”
  2. Click “Reload” next to FVE in the list.

Support for “Secure browsing” on FB

I know many of you would like to be able to enable “Secure browsing” on FB and still use FVE. That is now possible in this release.

Since there are plenty of issues at the moment with FVE/FB/FV I thought I would try removing some of those I at least can identify. I hope this will remove a lot of confusion for you too when there is a problem less to take into account.

Also some has reported that a couple of games only worked if “Secure browsing” was enabled. That might be a little tip for those of you who has games that don’t show at all.

A little bug fix

I found out that some FVE updates could actually make FVE stop working if you didn’t do a re-install. I’ve now tried to fix this so updating is as good as re-installing. This bug fix could also fix a problem where some settings weren’t saved.

No more empty request pages on Facebook – updated

I’ve recently helped a couple of people by getting remote access or by getting access to their account, and I think I know how to solve this problem for all of you. The only thing you need to do is to ask for my help. Maybe ask one more time if I’ve forgotten you.

Here is the things you can try on your own. Maybe try combining them:

  • Remove and add apps until game requests start to show. Like described here
  • Look at your game requests in another browser like Internet Explorer and then go back to Google Chrome. Be a little patient the list can actually take some time to load no matter what browser you try to look at it with.
  • Toggle on and off “Secure browsing” on Facebook here.



Here you can download this release(4.0.20):

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