4.0.16: SDB’s are no longer cursed by Zynga

A couple of users decided to prove to me that all SDB’s(Special Delivery Boxes) sent with the mass sending tool are in fact okay now. Thanks to them.

Because they were right.

First of all I tried the mass sending tool again and it now seem like working. When it was launched I think it was bug’ed and literally didn’t do anything but sending out bug’ed SDB’s.

Finally I’ve now updated FVE so it doesn’t ignore any SDB’s anymore. And I have tested that it actually can accept the SDB’s formerly known as bug’ed. It can.

It looks like the bug was fixed today because it seemed like older gifts still had the problem but the latest from today did not. So I can’t promise you a completely “orange” status bar without some red’s, but hopefully in the next couple of days this will be the case. This also means that FVE won’t remove these older and still bug’ed SDB’s from FB. So temporary you’ll have to reject them through FB yourself after having run FVE.

Download the update here

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