Version 4.0.6. Major changes(behind the scenes).

I know many of you have had problems judging the posts in the support website. This release tries to fix some of them and give you/me the tools to crack the rest.

Bugs fixed

  • The list of requests should now update from Facebook on request every time you open FVE by clicking the icon or every time you inside FVE click on “Update” when done accepting gifts.
  • Sometimes the processing ended too early or never. This should be fixed now.

New features

  • Error report: I’ve added more error handling in the code. If an error occurs in the feature you will get a popup explaining the error and giving you a text field with some data. If you send this data to my e-mail address I have a better chance of understanding why FVE failed. This should be a great tool for fixing the last problems.
  • The processing speed can now be set to a requests/sec value. Use this feature with caution as your computers performance and your network bandwidth will influence on how far up it is possible for you to go. Find the setting by clicking your profile image inside FVE.

Other changes

  • Requests are now queued in the memory instead of on the disk which means way less delay after having pressed “Process requests”.
  • The news feed from the blog is not any more updated when you press the “Process requests” button. Instead it is updates when the FVE tab gets focus or when you get to click the “Update” button. This way it is possible for you to have an updated version every time you process your requests instead of first finding out when you’re half way through your list of requests.
  • FVE 4 beta has a new icon. So you easily can see if it is installed or the old one is. This is not a permanent icon(not the prettiest either) since I think of renaming FVE completely when it’s out of beta.
  • Then “Process requests” button now changes to an “Update” button if you leave FVE open and new requests are found while you take a break.
  • FarmVille help requests are now accepted by using the working tabs like with the gift requests. This is also changed for FrontierVille later.

Common problems

  • You wonder why FVE only shows 100 requests when you have more. This happens because it can only fetch 100 requests from FB at a time. You can have as many requests recorded in FVE as you want if you leave it open so it can fetch requests ongoing. If you have exactly 100 gifts FVE will show “100+” on the icon which means you probably have more but FVE just don’t know before it updates your gifts again as it automatically does every 5 minutes.
  • Why does FVE show more requests than is on my list of requests in Facebook? Many people have suffered from requests suddenly disappearing from the list on Facebook while they where manually going through the list. To prevent this FVE ongoing saves the list and only by accepting requests inside FVE they are removed from here. So if you accept a request in-game or through Facebook it will not automatically be removed from the list in FVE. Instead you let FVE accept these requests twice to make sure they are in fact all processed. Accepting requests twice probably will increase the amount of errors recorded in FVE, but that is normal since it shouldn’t be possible to accept a request twice.
  • FVE 4 beta and FVE 3 does not work together. I know I’ve said something else to some of you. The fact just is that they don’t mix. So disable or uninstall the one you don’t use to stay out of trouble. They both in their current version will inform you about advances in FVE 4(and FVE 3).
  • And many more probably. Until I get all these both identified and fixed you should uninstall+install FVE as a workaround and also report the problem.

Important about how to download version 4.0.6:

In this release there has been so many changes which may give problems when FVE is auto updated by Chrome. Therefore you may have to uninstall FVE 4 and then install it again to get it to work 100%.

  1. Uninstall this way
  2. Install by clicking here. Next accept the download by clicking “continue” in the bottom of Chrome.

UPDATE: Link updated to actual version.

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