FV Extender 3 changes – Version 3.0.22

UPDATE Sep, 28 2011:
Development and bugfixing of FVE 3.0 is currently postponed. Until further notice FVE 4 should be a better alternative. Download FVE 4 here and it’s also important to read the user guide here and follow up on recent issues/changes in the official FVE blog here.

Below you see the release notes for FVE 3. It has some issues. But due to it’s simplicity many is still using it. I just haven’t got time at the moment to maintain both FVE 3 and FVE 4.

Instead of reading further down you can download FVE 3 directly here

New features

FVE 4’s news feed from the blog is now included in the bottom of FVE 3 which means you can follow the advances in FVE 4 and decide when to upgrade. I’ve got big plans for FVE 4 and I’m pretty sure these can in the end get you all on board.

The news feed will also include updates to FVE 3 if any.

Bugs fixed

Facebook for some of you have made changes to the way you send requests. This adds a new type of requests which both FVE 3 and 4 now support. I had forgot to implement it in the old version. Maybe I had hoped the new launch went a bit better. It went very well for some and not for some others. That’s called a beta 🙂

This bugfix is not tested much since I haven’t been able to get feedback from those of you who are affected by this and want to use the old version. But I hope it works fine as it actually does in the FVE 4.

How to update

Important: This is only an update for version 3

Simply click here and accept the download to install.

There is a change this link does not work. If that is the case you should try the regular update procedure as described here (same instructions as FVE 4)


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