Weekly test 3/2012

Used version: 3.1.10(released in a few moments)

Basic test result

  • Total requests: 89
  • Succeeded: 44
  • Failed: 45
  • Success rate: 49%


Item Expected Actual Pct.
Mouflon Sheep 7 4 57%
Horse 2 2 100%
Help request 46 32 70%
Special Delivery 28 6 22%
Pile of Aurora Dust 1 0 0%
Magic Top Hat 1 0 0%
Helping Hands package 1 0 0%
Green Pinwheel 1 0 0%
Helping Hands package 1 0 0%
Candy Cane Beam 1 0 0%
Total 89 44 49%

Other tests

  • Received return gift sent using FVE: 2/2 (accepted through FarmVille)
  • Received lottery ticket from request accepted by FVE:  6/6
  • Received “Flower trim” for “Romantic Carriage” from friend who accepted request through FVE: 6/6


  • To not loose requests you need to accept them before you have more than 50: 49% success is not a coincidence. It really looks like FB also is limited to contain about 50 requests. Which means in this test it actually looked like the first 50 request were processed normally and the rest was simply invalid and therefore at second try rejected by FVE. I found out about this by simply looking what it was doing.
  • Currently regular gift requests can only be accepted inside FarmVille: In this weeks test almost no regular gifts came through. I tried sending a gift using “Free gifts” and those where failing too. They could however still be accepted inside FarmVille but not through FVE. I think this is a bug Zynga should fix, but I’m pretty sure it will take them forever to do it 🙂
  • Help requests seem to be accepted like normal and I’ve checked that it works in the other end too. So the only loss of these this week is those who were in the second half of the 89 requests in the test.

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