3.1.21: A few updates

About this release

Since the last post I’ve actually released 3.1.20 in silence because it was a very tiny fix that only affected those of you with older Chrome versions or alternative Chrome versions. This time it’s also a minor release. The only thing fixed is the settings page which…

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3.1.19: Service release

I’ve promised a bunch of you a couple of bug fixes today and here it is. Here is the changes:

  • Zynga did a couple of minor changes that made FVE hang. This is now fixed like I’ve done it before.
  • Google changed their security policies and FVE is now…

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Unstability and download problems


FVE currently seem a bit unstable. I have just today been troubled by this myself. It seems like Facebook has done some changes. I will try to solve this in the weekend.

Download problems

Google has changed the way extensions like FVE is installed and updated inside Chrome. Therefore I…

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Important changes

First I’ll start by saying that this is not a post about a new version. But it’s very important to read it anyway to solve installation problems in the future or those you may currently have.

Installing and updating FVE has changed

Google has changed the way extensions like FVE…

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3.1.18: Picnic feature is now handled

FVE didn’t handle the new Picnic feature correctly even if it’s a pretty standard feature. I’ve now tried to fix FVE so that it handles features like this automatically in the future.  Let’s hope I got it right 🙂

If you have trouble with this on

Actually this time I’m…

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FVE Currently hangs

Currently(started today) something is making FVE hang on some of the requests. Please be patient while I’m looking into it. I will post at least a status on this issue tomorrow.

3.1.16: Roll back

Nothing seem to work for me today and that ended hitting you as well. Version 3.1.15 which should have added support for Facebook App Center was no good. So the only thing this version does it undoing what the previous one did. I would really like to hear from those…

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3.1.15: Facebook App Center support

I found out it was pretty simply to make FVE support the new Facebook App Center. So that’s what’s changed in this release. It’s not necessary for you to update if you haven’t noticed any problems related to this App Center. Many of you probably haven’t got it yet. The…

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3.1.12: Stability fixes#instant-update

Changes in this release:

  • The “Send return gift” button don’t work on Facebook and only makes FV Extender run slower. Therefore I have temporarily disabled that FVE clicked on it. But actually I’m not sure this button has ever worked.
  • Request for showels could make FVE hang. This is…

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New Facebook App Center disables FVE

I should have known that one problem doesn’t come alone. Facebook has just released a new App Center which disables FVE. I’m sure they didn’t deliberately wanted to do this. They just wanted FB to look smarter and struck FVE while doing that. I will try to fix this Monday,…

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