Sad and good news.

The sad news: FVE Extended/4.x closes for good.

I’ve decided to close down FVE Extended/4.x. This has been a hard decision since I’ve spent a lot of energy on it. But there are many reasons why I’m doing this:

  • User interface design is really my “thing” but FB and Zynga keeps making it impossible for me to focus on this.  Instead I constantly need to fix FVE to just have the basics work in the “backend” due to FB/Zynga changes.
  • I simply don’t have enough time to develop two versions at the same time. Some like the one and some like the other. I need to make a choice. So I’ve chosen to go on only with FVE Classic/3.x because that’s the one which is “easiest” to maintain.
  • There is a good alternative to FVE which I will present to you in “The good news”. I’ve estimated that fixing FVE 4.x would actually take a lot more time than is in your interest. Several months probably. So it’s better for you to look into the alternative.
  • I’ll be starting on my new job Dec 1st and I really need to focus on this in the next couple of months to give it the best start. (Jan 2012 UPDATE: I didn’t get the job anyway 🙁 )
  • I’m working on a Danish/American blog about the odd differences between USA and Denmark.

The good news – an alternative:
Friendly Gaming Simplifier

Some of you may already know Friendly Gaming Simplifier(FGS) and some of you may not. Give it a try.

I’ll gladly answer your questions if you have any related to this. Now and in the future.

Here is a “little” information about FGS:

  • This is a tool made by someone else and not by me.
  • It is free.
  • It has no ads.
  • It works for both Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • It can accept and return gifts.
  • It can send gifts.
  • It can list bonuses and “grab” bonuses. If you choose to do this 😉
  • It accepts gifts in an invisible/ghost-like way, which is more reliable than how FVE in general does it. This is technically the biggest difference between FVE and FGS.
  • It’s works fully for most of your favorite games. “Fully” means it has better support for each game than FVE has.
  • Use of it can’t be detected by your neighbors, FB or Zynga.
  • Using FGS does not necessarily make you a bad neighbor. So don’t fear to use FGS if you have a good heart.
  • The “team” behind FGS has a lot more knowledge about FB and extension development than me.
  • And they probably also have more time on their hands to do it.
  • You can download and read more about FGS on the dedicated site:

FVE Classic/3.x and Facebook Neighbor Selector will still be alive

As long as there are people using FNS and FVE Classic/3.x I will keep maintaining them, keep using them and keep playing FarmVille.


This post probably means that many of you will find another path through your FB games than FVE. I thank you ALL for having followed me and FVE this far. You have showed your appreciation in many ways, and I probably owe it to you that my job search has been nothing but success in the last couple of months.

I’m not out of ideas(at all) and is working on a personal blog which I hope you will be interested in following later. I’ll announce when it’s ready here in the FVE blog.

Thanks 🙂

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