3.1.4: Four noticeable fixes bringing more speed and stability.

I think you will like the changes in this release:

  • The many requests for bonfire supplies wasn’t handled optimally. This is now fix and things should get back to normal speed on that area.
  • But actually by re-organizing the code a bit I managed to make FVE Classic a bit faster in general also…
  • …and more stable too.
  • Finally some of you have mentioned that FVE wasn’t really returning gifts some times. Finally it got from your mouth and into my head and I found the problem. Gifts are now returned as they suppose to.

Firefox version

As you may know I am working on a FVE version for Firefox. It’s going to be a mix between the Classic and the Extended versions, with the processing speed from the Extended(4.x) version and the startup speed and more FB interface from the Classic(3.x) version. It’s very exciting to work with, so it’s probably going to be exciting for you too. I hope it will be done before Dec 1st.

Invalid Special Delivery Boxes

During the last days I’ve noticed that the older your gifts get the more invalid’s you get. Actually over 100 gifts seem to be a problem. So I can recommend you don’t cross that limit. It’s worth a try. Of course this could also be a sign that the problem has just become smaller or more my neighbors have started using Facebook Neighbor Selector when they send gifts to me.


Here you can download this release(3.1.4):

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