FB Neighbor Selector 1.1.0: More selection buttons

Facebook Neighbor Selector has gotten a couple of steps further towards making neighbors selection easy when sending gifts in several games.

With this I’ve also written a new user guide that present all the features. You should read this if you haven’t heard about FNS before. But actually I would recommend that you all read it since this post won’t explain all the details.

Here are the changes in this release:

  • Select 20, 30, 40 buttons added
  • Selection of a custom number of neighbors added
  • Saving a favorite list is now possible

As said: Read the new user guide for a proper introduction to the new features.

The best way to send multiple gifts

The in-game mass sending tool in FarmVille keep sending an immense amount of invalid gifts. I have had several theories about why they get invalid, but I am not sure I’ve reached the bottom yet. So it’s still a mystery and very annoying.

Recently asking for materials has also been introduced to the new in-game mass sending tool in FV. That is very sad and probably explains why these requests are also starting to appear invalid more and more. This also means that FNS can’t be used for material request anymore 🙁

FNS is however still the best way to send multiple gifts using “Free gifts” in FV and other FB games. No doubt about that. If all our neighbors used it to send Special Delivery Boxes then we would probably get a lot more valid ones in our inbox.


Download this release(1.1.0) here:

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