3.1.2: Requests for bees fixed + more.

To users with version 4.x

If it IS working for you…
…then just continue using it. I expect it to stop working for all users at some point. Read the next paragraph which explains why it may stop working and how it stops working.

If it’s NOT working for you because…
…it rejects every single gift from all games. Then you’re affected by a fatal problem that has actually disabled FVE 4.x for many users. And more and more experience this. This happens due to FB changes. Therefore FVE 4.x development has been stopped. Instead I’ve made as simpler version based on FVE 3.x. It is very stable at the moment, but is much simpler, currently only handles FV requests and is also slower. I’m working on adding default support for all games and making it faster. The fast version may only become available for Firefox which is something I’m also working on.

This update 3.1.2…
…is only for those of you who already have version 3.x or where version 4.x is not working. Before installing it you should uninstall FVE 4.x by right clicking the orange FVE icon and select “uninstall”. Next click the download button in this post to install FVE 3.1.2.

To users with version 3.x

Here are the changes in version 3.1.2:

  • FIXED: A tiny but important issue with requests for bee’s which could cause FVE to hang.
  • The FVE menu now has been re-arranged a bit and the “FVE blog” item has been added.
  • FVE now informs you about new updates in several ways:
  • Basically it will in the menu popup show a red sign named “New FVE version available” when you have an outdated version.
  • – Clicking the sign will lead to the release notes in the FVE blog.
  • Secondly it will also show one of two buttons named “Update FVE” or “Update FVE now”.
  • – “Update now” only shows if it’s not important to read the release notes. Clicking it will start the update instantly.
  • – “Update FVE” shows if it important to read the release notes. It simply leads to the release notes in the FVE blog.


Here you can download this release(3.1.2):

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