Version 4.0.8 – Very important release.

FV Extender is not anymore hosted at Google due to technical problems. Read more further down the page.

In this version there will be no great leaps for mankind but more a kind of fire extinguishing. I’m still working on identifying more bug and is maybe a little overwhelmed by all the error reports I got. Thank you for all of them. So bare with me if my replies maybe was a bit slow or automated.

Bugs fixed

  • The error popup with the message “Couldn’t find the expected apps/games. Therefore requests are not updated.” should not show anymore. It was showing because FVE failed in detecting that you had no request. Sorry about that!


  • I’ve added a new error popup which shows if you for some reason isn’t logged in while inside FVE. The popup says:
    “Login problems are detected Therefore requests are not updated.”
  • The error popup with the text “Internal database error. Therefore requests are not updated.” was a specific error for some of you. This specific error now gives you another error message “Internal database error related to disk space. Therefore requests are not updated.” and there is also a specific solution listed now.

All versions can now be downloaded from the blog

FV Extender is now moved away from Google servers since the unavoidable auto update feature is only causing you trouble.

From now on every download link in this blog leads to the exact version and not just the latest version. This way you can download the version which works best for you.

The auto update feature is gone but you can still know when a new version is ready by having your eye on the news feed in the top of FVE. This is available in all the released versions.

The latest/current version can always be found at

How to download this version

This is actually not just a new version it is also a new extension different from the one you currently have installed from the Google Webstore.

This means if you just installed it you will suddenly have two orange icons. So before installing you should uninstall the one you currently have installed.

Next you can can download this new version 4.0.8 here

In future release you shouldn’t uninstall first as long as you at that time have 4.0.8+ installed.

If version 4.0.8 doesn’t work for you I can recommend installing version 4.0.5 instead

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